Bais Menachem Chabad (Nusach: Ari)
1005 N.E. 172nd St. (Cor. 10th Ave.)
Tel: 305-770-4412

Shacharis Daily 1st minyan 6:30, 2nd minyan 7:30, 3rd minyan 8:30 (Shabbos 9:30)

Mincha Daily 25 minutes after candle lightening, ( 10 minutes after sunset )

Maariv Followed right after Mincha

Rabbi: Rabbi Yossi Marlowe

Cong. Torah V'Emunah
1000 N.E. 175th St. (Cor. 10th Ave.)
Rabbi: R'Y. Bensinger

Kahal Chassidim & Mikva (Nusach: Sefard)
961 N.E. 172nd St. (Cor. 10th Ave.)
Tel: 305-300-9662

Shacharis Daily 1st minyan at the netz (also on Shabbos)

Daily 2nd minyan 8:15, Sunday 3rd minyan 9:30 (Shabbos 9:00)

Mincha Daily (also Erev Shabbos)10 minutes after candle lightening,

(10 minutes before sunset)

Shabbos (Shalas Seudas) 10 minutes before candle lightening

Maariv Daily 40 minutes after candle lightening (20 minutes after sunset )

Shaaray Tefillah (Nusach: Ashkenaz)Shaaray Tefillah (Nusach: Ashkenaz)
971 N.E. 172nd St. (Cor. 10th Ave.)
Tel: 305-651-1562

Shacharis Sun-Tue-Wed-Fri 7:15, Mon-Thu 7:00
Mincha Daily At candle lightening, (15 minutes before sunset )
Maariv Daily 1st minyan 30 minutes after candle lightening (15 minutes after sunset)
Daily 2nd minyan 10:00
Rabbi: Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro


Young Israel of Greater Miami (Nusach: Ashkenaz)
990 N.E. 171st St. (Cor. 10th Ave.)
Tel: 305-651-3591
Rabbi: Rabbi David Lehrfield


Mikvah Tahara
1054 N.E. Miami Gardens Dr.
Attendant: Judi Bidnick 305-653-8553


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